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Sunshine Coast Nail Specialist

There is nothing as relaxing as heading to the beauty salon for a manicure and a little bit of pampering. While you walk out feeling like a million dollars, that feeling starts to fade the moment that your nail polish starts to chip. For many, that comes within minutes of walking out the front door. It has become something of a given that nail polish is simply not designed to last, but that may not have to be the case. Shellac nails Sunshine Coast are the new kid in beauty town, and they are proving that a great nail treatment can last for weeks without any kind of chipping or damage.

shellac nailsBefore you rush out and sign up for shellac nails at Coolum Beach, you need to be aware that this is not something that anyone can do for you. You really need to give your hands and nails over to a licensed professional if you are in the market for shellac nails. Part of the reason why this has to be done is because it is important that your nails and cuticles are healthy before the shellac polish can be applied. Any sign of cracking or damage on your nails means that you will need to wait until you opt for shellac polish.

If you have healthy nails and want to give shellac a try, you are probably wondering how it all works and how it is different from regular nail polish. The beauty specialists at Coolum Cutting Edge can give you all the details that you need, but for now, let’s go over the basics. When you commit to the shellac polish process, you are committing your nails to several different layers of polish. Between each layer that is added, you will have to place your fingers under a UV light. This process takes several different coats to get just right, after which you will be able to choose from a wide variety of colours to complete the shellac process.

As mentioned earlier, the big benefit of going through the shellac process is that the finished article can last for up to a month. You won’t even have to touch your nails again until the new growth starts to show, which is usually somewhere around 14 days. It’s then just a matter of touching up the colour that you choose to keep your nails looking great.

Beauty makeovers Sunshine CoastIt isn’t just shellac nails you can get at Coolum Cutting Edge, though, as they are also pros when it comes to the French manicure and a host of other beauty treatments. If you have a wedding in your future, you can get your head to toe makeover all in a single place. A great hairstyle, professional make-up application, tanning, and just about anything else you need to look your very best can all by head by paying a visit to Coolum Cutting Edge. There really is not better place for a manicure Coolum Beach, especially if you want nails that will look great for weeks.